Monday, July 10, 2006

snapping back shahabas

Kathiravan is leaving. he used to be our security-in-charge. we people, sitting inside our small rectangular worlds, never ever give him a second thought.a smile, a hi, a bye, a did-u-eat query..thats it.
coming to think about it, i believe he certainly has had a role to perform in our official lives. yes, he was our SECURITY!!but for me, he is more than that. officially and personally, i cherish him...AS MY FIRST BYLINE.
kathiravan's is a tale of three names(and thats how my headline goes..)his original name is shahabas, yes,a muslim.he had dreams of the tinsel world when he came to this adobe of stars..he wanted to become a scriptwriter, and not without a reason or talent. he has already published at least 5 short stories in different tamil magazines. and he writes well in malayalam too. hailing from palakkad, his parents now live in coimbatore where he grew up listening to stories of rajnikant and the like..those who bagan small, and grew bigger than the kollywood.twice he came to chennai, only to be caught, robbed and cheated by a homo-sexual man and later an "agent"of kodambakkam, that part of the city where there used to be all the big studios of south india. he at last had to take up job as a security personnel, and all along he has had his 500- page script neatly bound and kept along with his baggage.
shahabas writes under the pen name kovai-bas and he had to work under a hindu name bcoz somebody procured him the documents of a man called kathiravan for him to get this job...this is the tale of three names and he is leaving. after having privileged me, only an intern then, by allowing me to write about his TRUE story, having made me read the manuscript of his first novel in malayalam when i joined here, having implored me to check out his favorite movies, having remarked that my movie review is not that good. he is hardly 20 years of age and has taught me what life is in his own special way. he is leaving bcoz he realized nothing is gonna work out by staying here for so he knows..that his innocent confidence will not do the trick.and i hate the world and those people in this world, for giving him sad revelations, inequitable realities, and wisdom to understand it all ,without the backup of money&power.
if the end matters, let it be with a positive note. i seriously wish to see the name KOVAI-BAS written prominently on the future movie posters....of super duper mega bumper hits...


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