Sunday, July 23, 2006


i cant believe you would no longer scream into the telephone when i call , nandu...
i dont know what will happen to your contact lenses and those thick spectacles u wore while travelling.
i am no longer to get a happy bday call in the midnight of 22 jan..and i am not gonna call u 23 rd midnite.nor are we to compare and contrast our aquarian traits.
we are not going to lie down on the drawing room couch watching tv till late night and discussing guys.
we are not gonna put lots of tomato sauce with whatever we eat,while others cringe at the sight.
we are no longer gonna sing 'arth' songs, relive the day we watched devdas first day last show, reread memoirs of a geisha.
u r no longer gonna take me to the doctor for that cracking head ache.and u r not gonna make me laugh when i get my passport size snap taken. nor am i gonna get ur letters in that big, bubbly handwriting, so wild and beautiful.
we will no longer pick the same posters at exhibitions.
and, i dont even know whether u had found ur RAJ whom we were so eagerly waiting for.

your resh.


v h nishad said...
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Anonymous said...

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Thanks, nice post.