Friday, August 25, 2006

thousand cranes:An irony

THE title of the book caught my attention first; then the author. 'thousand cranes'brought back some memories-when as a child i read about 12-year old sadako sasaki, a nuclear-bomb victim in japan, and the thousand white paper cranes that she folded, believing they would fulfill her athletic dreams..and the anti-war memorial in her name that the children of japan dedicated to the world with the words,""This is our cry, This is our prayer, Peace in the world".And Yasunari Kawabata, whose work, "beauty and sadness" that had stirred a lot of emotions,unnamed and underdefined when i happened to read it three years back-not so vivid a memory, but..
UNDERDEFINED..yes that should be the word to describe thousand cranes in a word.set against the backdrop of tea ceremonies that is unique to japan, it tells about the intricacies of human mind so similar all through the world!"perhaps clear memories came easily in proportion as they were ugly," says kawabata-how true!
i could almost touch the subtle colours with which he has painted man-woman relationship-even when the overtones of such relationships are so depessingly hard to accept, i could not but appreciate the truthfulness of human feelings portrayed.{thousand cranes are the sign of optimism and perseverence and peace, such an ironical title for a "negative" work..}
i could make out the suppleness of traditions against cruel,unmindful urbaneness that japan is going through today:"he gazed at the morning glory for a time. in a gourd that had been handed down for three centuries, a flower that would fade in a morning.."
"he had not asked where she had been as if her dwelling were himself," kawabata nt it true?after all who are we, but the images we create in other people's minds?where do we live, if its not in the love, misery, hatred and memories of those around us?!

Friday, August 18, 2006


nandini had gifted me a spiral notebook for my bday in the 3rd year of wcc to write my poems in..and she wanted me to show it to her when it was full..i, as usual, dismissed it as something impossile and i actually told her what big deal, she cant read malayalam fact she even asked a couple of times what is happening to it..and i simply laughed it has the words, DREAM, do it, create, think etc.-on its cover.

AND i did mange to lose the notebook the very same day it was gifted-in the audi..i never got it bak,despite all our efforts..she never said a word of blame, but got me a new one the very next day.
may be she always wanted me to resume writing and be my real self again..but was i taking it for granted without ever realizing it to the fullest sense?

Friday, August 11, 2006

never ever give up


Friday, August 04, 2006

cycling into twenties

does the headline suggest any kind of a flashback, or looking back?but the twenties i am talking about is the age-thingie..##
i used to feel ashamed to say i dont know how to ride a bicycle..but what is the point. its just so. its one of the few things in our lives we cant lie or make up stories and pretend about!!
riding a bicycle is one of the most wonderful things mankind has managed to do, i feel. like going to the moon.

rolling lean, on a couple of air-filled egoes
elegantly flexible, wild like a bee-sting
balancing good, pulling away bad,
a bicycle goes, riding my youth!