Friday, August 18, 2006


nandini had gifted me a spiral notebook for my bday in the 3rd year of wcc to write my poems in..and she wanted me to show it to her when it was full..i, as usual, dismissed it as something impossile and i actually told her what big deal, she cant read malayalam fact she even asked a couple of times what is happening to it..and i simply laughed it has the words, DREAM, do it, create, think etc.-on its cover.

AND i did mange to lose the notebook the very same day it was gifted-in the audi..i never got it bak,despite all our efforts..she never said a word of blame, but got me a new one the very next day.
may be she always wanted me to resume writing and be my real self again..but was i taking it for granted without ever realizing it to the fullest sense?


v h nishad said...
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Anonymous said...

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