Monday, December 24, 2007


Flames...flames all over...choking; suffocating; emaciating flames...
Smells...all kinds of them...burning, nauseating, debilitating smells...
Thoughts...painful, tiresome, never ending thus...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I got up from my sleep, from under my so poshly warm rajai, with a jerk. First I thought I was shivering due to some terrible dream i saw, which i couldnt recall, anyway(humans are so stupid!)Then I realized it was not me alone, but the entire cot!

Things were clanking in my room, and i felt the cot shivering underneath. it was at 4.45 in the morning. the best part is, my room mate didnt wake up! i woke up and lied down for some more time.

I tried to gather my thoughts; I was observing myself, judging, so to say: not my crisis-management skills; but what kind of thoughts i had then..I thought about Lathur, I thought about family-the one I already have; and the one I long to make!! I thought about love, thought about the warmth of my rajai-"would it leave me as warm even after its all over?!"I thought about people who did not have a home, who had to live on the pavements and crowded slums, people who could not even make room to escape from debris since they live in the middle of it...I thought about all the inmates of my hostel-their dreams, plans, careers, tears..

And then i heard one by one girls starting to come out of their rooms. i too went out.hearing all this, my room mate got up at last!!I listened to their 'quaky' experiences(from all over india-truly cosmopolitan!) for some time, and went bak to sleep!! In the next morning attendance was so very less in the mess for breakfast-since all girls were sleeping into late morning to make up for their disturbed sleep!!

so... thats all abt earth first earth quake in delhi!! (nice title for a novel- now i just need to write the rest of it ;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Five things I hate the most

1. Filling out forms
2. Mistaken for things I never intended to say or do
3. Being taken for granted
4. Women Being Apolegetic about being women
5. A nervous break down!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


1. To be understood fully without uttering a word
2. Feel amma's touch, achan's grip, muth's reassuring naughtiness
3. A Pleasant evening
4. Atmosphere just before it rains
5. Green, dark, imposing trees

Friday, March 23, 2007

five years have past..............

i guess there is no need at all to act what u r not. or attach paraphernalia so that u seem gr8. isnt it ok to be u? just u? but some ppl are so strange. they would want u to associate urself with so many other things- they simply refuse to accept u as u. if u dont go by the tags of profession, family and status, u are in for trouble indeed! i seriously dont see the point. we r here for being ourselves- not to play out roles for others simply bcoz the world demands it. NO WAY!

between, i am so happy to have come bak and i actually went thru two gr8 blogs. alas! one of them has called it quits with the blog that had been in existence for five long years-on the brighter side, now i am reminded of these lines from wordsworth which i tried to learn byheart for a competition but failed- five years have past, five summers, with the length(? )of five long winters...feeling soo gud to recite it now- for no reason!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


At last...
I learned-to balance on two "inflated egoes"!Yes, now i can ride a bicycle.At least I can cover a distance on two slender wheels, pedalling away without help!

So world- both virtual and real- listen: I have learned a new act, a new technique, rather a unique art-because being able to ride a bicycle has been my dream for the past so many years...

So here I am..cycling into my latter twenties!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Blooming full fledged

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Right or Wrong

Right now, that is the only question in front of me. Right, or wrong?!

So revolting, and yet so challenging

Utterly miserable, yet refreshing

Unimaginably troubling, yet so very reassuring

Disappointed to the core, yet relieved like....

LiKe HeLL!!