Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't will this illness to go away

Here I am writing after a long time, and the blog is not opening! Is it a sign? Is it a sign like the foggy days in Delhi that seem to say "Go in, you have no right to be roaming about. The Earth is mine: winter rules." But since when did i start believing in signs? I know it's all my illness. All through August, I was praising winter, how gracefully it will trasform this sultry place into a dream city. But I was the first one to sneeze, cough, itch and grow weepy at the thought of amma!
Though I have been observing myself quite a bit. How I have slowed down while climbing the stairs, how I have put my generally high volume of speech down, how I eat so slowly-unlike a glutton who somehow knows her days are numbered (!). And it is quite amusing. I even laugh at myself. What was I hurrying for all this while? I could have always talked softer, walked in measured steps, ate 'lady-like.' Did it bring me any sense of achievement? May be it suited this maddening crowd that I am a part of. And once in a while it's worth it to fall sick (not seriously) and look up at the world rushing past you, like a helpless child! And bug the near and dear, and get pampered. Until the day when I find myself running up the stairs again- and feel well and thankful and happy and light that finally I can breath fully. And simply forget all these revelations and feel perplexed whether I was suffering from some kind of a Stockholm syndrome :)