Friday, March 23, 2007

five years have past..............

i guess there is no need at all to act what u r not. or attach paraphernalia so that u seem gr8. isnt it ok to be u? just u? but some ppl are so strange. they would want u to associate urself with so many other things- they simply refuse to accept u as u. if u dont go by the tags of profession, family and status, u are in for trouble indeed! i seriously dont see the point. we r here for being ourselves- not to play out roles for others simply bcoz the world demands it. NO WAY!

between, i am so happy to have come bak and i actually went thru two gr8 blogs. alas! one of them has called it quits with the blog that had been in existence for five long years-on the brighter side, now i am reminded of these lines from wordsworth which i tried to learn byheart for a competition but failed- five years have past, five summers, with the length(? )of five long winters...feeling soo gud to recite it now- for no reason!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


At last...
I learned-to balance on two "inflated egoes"!Yes, now i can ride a bicycle.At least I can cover a distance on two slender wheels, pedalling away without help!

So world- both virtual and real- listen: I have learned a new act, a new technique, rather a unique art-because being able to ride a bicycle has been my dream for the past so many years...

So here I am..cycling into my latter twenties!!