Thursday, July 27, 2006

are sonagachis the solution?

its regarding the debate going on in mathrubhumi weekly: about sexuality, virginity, illicit relations so on and so forth.i read so many letters in the latest issue. not even one was written by a woman!
nyways, the following are a few facts some of them have pointed out:
1: women are not the only ones who are being ill-treated. men also undergo similar plight.its only that they dare not reveal such stuff since it would hurt their feelings!
2:sexuality is a biological urge, just like hunger or thirst.
3:cases of atrocities against women shall reduce if we set up govt.sponsored sonagachis all around kerala.

let me begin from the last: if sonagachis were a safety nozzle, not even a single case of rape or harrassment should occur, leave alone get reported from mumbai, kolkatha etc!and just who are these sex-workers? are they a race or a caste on its own?! and if at all it is legalized and given social acceptance, dear mr.reader, will u be prepared to send ur wife,sister or daughter for the profession? NEVER. so the bottomline is simple."let me have the pleasure at somebody else's cost. i dont care a damn if it means physical violence,emotional vulnerability, financial backwardness or mental torture for the person i involve with!"bravo!

secondly, if sexual urge is like any other need, just why are intercourses between certain relationships taboo? if humanbeings are the only "cultured" race we have got to show it off, NA?! are some of u guys trying to assert that u ppl are no different from animals? oh,please, they dont, afterall, go ahead and rape their females!

women, in most cases, are ill-treated and harrassed because of their gender.being woman is like a crime in our space and time. yes, men have at least a pride to be hurt while women are not allowed to feel DIGNIFIED at least!just see what is happeing to the culprits in our most celebrated sex racket cases.

if our so- called free men are so backward in their thoughts and feelings for their fellowomen, i can only wonder what centuries of conditioning should be doing to our women. i feel thats exactly why our undemocratic family system is still intact, dowry prevalent, "virginity" rampant and our well educated girls dont think twice before adorning themselves with tonnes of gold jewellery on the most important day of their lives..

i simply dont know when our people will understand what it means to be a man or a woman and be able to love,respect and hear out each other.


sudeep said...

is it really a sursprise that none of the responses were from women?

or, for that matter, do you think that the expected audience included women?

i feel mathrubhoomi and other such bu.ji magazines cater exclusively for some self-proclaimed *male* buji circles, which is why i feel there is space for a more inclusive audience, which would overlap more with that of a mangalam or a manorama azhchappathippu. if you find this idea interesting then we can talk about it later (though neither of us may be in a position to chuck our current jobs and jump into something that is surely risky and will take some time to catch up).

Czar said...

podeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee paratta penneeeeeeeeeeeeee