Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hail Kerala! And its enlightened citizens!!
In Thrissur, a group of members of the neighbourhood made a big scene against cremating the dead body of a person died of AIDS, says todays's newspaper. It was after a number of rejections from other cremation centres- including the one owned by the Corporation- that the body was finally brought to Laloor. It seems the so called fellow "nattukar" were furious about the prospects and allowed to cremate the body after heated arguments with the panchayat representatives under the condition such incidents should not be 'repeated'.
Worst of all, the person who came with the body had to observe "satyagraha" in front of the collectorate with the body on his lap before the problem was taken into notice, the paper says. Climax of the story: The police arrested this person for "NOT HONOURING" the dead body and released thereafter!!

I feel so proud of my people who stand first in education and health awareness in the whole of my country, and who practice the ART OF LIVING in so beautiful a way..KEEP IT UP!


Sajithvk said...
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Anonymous said...

Well if it was the last wish of the person I think it is ok, besides may people including myself are afraid of AIDS.

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