Wednesday, November 08, 2006


its monsoon in chennai now. i cant help wondering how when and why does the sky pour itself out all of a sudden. very redudndant a thought, i know..but some things in life are so permanent, right? like..i dont know its a different set in the case of each human being!I dont know what i am writing..just felt like "utharaming"..may be thats why!!

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Anonymous said...

now it is me, who can't help wondering- what went wrong with you? see the time of post. '7.30-AM' possibly your computer clock might be wrong, else---- ther's a bee 'n ur bonnet!!!!!! but the thing you penned is great. infact you are having a improvised blog. i kept on reading the stuff for an hour or so. and i've added it to my fav.