Saturday, July 30, 2011

For my love

You know, the steel vessels in our kitchen have not yet lost their sheen,
The bedspreads are still crisp, and smell new...
We are yet to renew the susbscriptions...
And we still have a lot of relatives' places left to visit as a couple...

I want to be with you, shamsu
When the steel plates in our kitchen cease to reflect our faces, and
The crisp bedsheets turn mopping clothes,
When subsciptions and deadlines stop bothering us,
And not a place is left for us to explore...

I want to be with you in the years in between too!

Happy anniversary and I love you!
(six more days to go but can't stop myself from posting this now;)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

What do you do with memories?

A lot of shifting and rearranging happened around us this past month. And we ended up with tonnes of...well, memories! In the small flat we have made our home, it has become virtually impossible not to stumble on some object or document of the precious past. When it came to deciding on what to do with the umpteen number of diaries, letters, and curios from a shared and non-shared past--amalgamated from the 'ancestral' homes of the two of us--we were puzzled, frustrated and exhausted in that order with bits of delight sprinkled across. It was a revelation for me that I have kept so much of stuff from my years of studies and jobs elsewhere. And to realize that I have carried a single earring from Delhi to Chennai to Thiruvananthapuram after losing its pair in its place of origin is amusing and irritating at the same time! A diary from Class 5 where I have religiously jotted down the day's events was given to me by Sr. Vinaya even before I myself thought I could write. And there were letters from Nandini, who will forever be 23 in my memories and beyond...even if I don't have an of these, or they were all lost along the way, I am no loser. Since I am a keeper of memories. I look back and polish them whenever I can, not only for a sense of my roots, but for making space for the happenings of the day. I keep my memories as a reference point. To seek and refresh what I am all about...

And I am glad I have company.